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Keel laid 11/11/1918 as "Shohola" (Hog Island B-type), by American International S.B. Corp., Hog Island, Philadelphia, Yard No: 670, and launched October 27th, 1919, christened by His Majesty, Albert King of Belgium as "CANTIGNY" for United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia. Sea trials on 01.08.1920 and handed over to the Army Transportation Services on August 23, 1920 for repatriate American forces from Antwerpen to New York. Official No. ? Call sign WBDA. GRT: 7430, NRT: 4013, DWT: 8000.

Sold 1924 to United States Lines Co., New York, and renamed "AMERICAN BANKER".
(In late 1923 and early 1924 “CANTIGNY” and four idle sisters were transferred to the U.S. Shipping Board, given names beginning with American, and placed in commercial service between New York and London as freighters with berths for 16 passengers. Their passenger accommodations were increased to around 90 persons in 1926. "American Banker" (ex-Cantigny) remained in operation between the United States and London until laid up following the September 1939 outbreak of World War II and the November 1939 Neutrality Act, which prevented American flag ships from calling at belligerent ports. In early 1940 her American owners set up a Belgian shipping company, and the eight idle American ships transferred to it were able to resume operations, although under Belgian names. "American Banker" returned to sea in March 1940 as "VILLE D'ANVERS". She was the only one of the eight Belgian, ex-American, ships to survive World War II.). 

March 1940 Purchased by the Société Maritime Anversoise, Antwerpen and renamed "VILLE D'ANVERS". Official No. ? Call sign ?
Sailed from New York to London on March 22, 1940 for her new owners.

In 1945 handed over to United States Lines Co., New York but not renamed. Registered for Sociedad NavieraTransatlantica, Puerto Cortez. Official No. ? Call sign ?

1946: Sold to Isbrandtsen Lines, New York, but still registered for Sociedad Naviera Transatlantica S.A., Puerto Cortez. Not renamed.

November 20, 1946 purchased by Compañia de Vapores Mediterranea (Management: T.J. Stevenson & Co. Inc., New York) (American Mediterranean Steamship Company, New York), Panama, and renamed "CITY OF ATHENS". Official No. ? Call sign HOER. During this period her ownership was very doubtfully.

Arrived at Baltimore July 12th, 1947 and was arrested due depts. of her owners. The amount of $ 1'052'000 was mentioned.

Purchased by public auction by Panamanian Lines Inc. (Eugene Eugenides, La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland), Panama, and renamed "PROTEA".

Arrived at Genova in October 1947, to be refitted as a migrant carrier for 1078 passengers. GRT: 8929, NRT: 5155 DWT: 3000.

1948: Sold to Compañia de Operaciones Maritimas (Fratelli Cosulich, Genova), Panama. Not renamed.

1949: Registered for Mediterranean Lines Inc., Panama.

1950: Registered for Gestione Esercizio Navi, Genova, Panama. Not renamed.

September 1951 sold at Genova, to Compañia Internacional Transportadora (Nicolò Rizzi, Genève), Panama. Not renamed. Made one voyage for the Panamaian Incres Line, on the North Atlantic.

Arrived at Bremerhaven on January 4th, 1952 and renamed "AROSA KULM".

1953 changed her hull colour from white with a green stripe into a black hull.

In 1957 ownership changed to Arosa Line Inc., Panama.

Arrived Plymouth in South West England on December 6th, 1958 with Jamaican migrants from Kingston Jamaica, and arrested for dept on orders of the Admiralty Marshal.

On 18th December 1958 towed to Fowey anchorage.

After a Genève judge declared Arosa Line Inc. of Panama on April 10th, 1959 bankrupt, "AROSA KULM" was sold to Van Heygens Frères, Brugge, and arrived for demolition 07.05.1959 in tow.