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This freighter was built in Split, Yugoslavia and was launched as CELERINA on 21.12.1958. On 20.05.1959 she was delivered to her owners Société d'Armement Maritime Suisse-Atlantique S.A., Lausanne, Switzerland. Registered owner was Oceana Shipping AG, Chur, Switzerland. The CELERINA sailed under Swiss flag, home port Bâle (official Nr. 060, call sign: HBDB).

On 23.09.1962 on a voyage from Port Churchill, Canada to Antwerp with a full cargo of wheat, the CELERINA received a distress call at 21:10 hours from an American aircraft, a Superconstellation of the "Flying Tigers" airline. The aircraft had suffered engine failure and the pilot crash landed on the water surface. After approximately 7 hours 48 survivors could be rescued from a life raft. From the 76 persons on board the aircraft, 28 people lost their lives, but 48 were rescued by the CELERINA (see also our seperate reports about this rescue operation). 

In 1976 the CELERINA was sold and handed-over on 06.09.1976 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to her new owners Elexis Maritime Co. S.A., Piraeus (Management: Leokali Compania Naviera S.A.). The vessel was renamed DOLLY and registered under greek flag (call sign: SWPV, BRT: 5806/8588, NRT: 3436/5337, DWT: 11'298/13'606) 

1981 sold to Lenka Shipping Ltd., Valletta (same management), Valletta and renamed ELVITA. She was registered in Malta (call sign: 9HSU, GRT: 5833/8839, NRT: 3329/5128, DWT: 11'298/13'606).

On 26.07.1982 the ELVITA was laid-up in Lisbon and one year later sold for demolition to India. On 12.08.1983 she arrived in Bombay to be broken up.

August 2012.