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The 9140 DWT General Cargo ship (yard number 1209) ordered by the Shipping Company Suisse-Atlantique Société de Navigation Maritime S.A., Lausanne at the shipyard William Gray & Co. Ltd. in West Hartlepool was launched on 19 June 1947. On 2 February 1948 she was entered into the Swiss ship register (Official No. 18) under the name of "GENERAL GUISAN", the popular supreme commander of the Swiss army during World War II. After a test run took already place on 6 February 1948, the ship could be handed over to the owners by the end of the official sea trials on 17 February 1948. The maiden voyage led the "GENERAL GUISAN" on February 22, 1948 to Necochea and Bahia Blanca in Argentina to load grain for Europe. She was the first, larger motorship built for Swiss flag account, but actually the very first newbuilding for the Swiss flag was the small wine tanker "LEMAN", which was delivered one year earlier by an Italian shipyard. With the registration in Bâle (French for Basle) the "GENERAL GUISAN" received the call sign HBDG.
The ship was built as a shelterdecker, mainly to carry grain (in this time the dedicated bulk carriers were still unknown), but was also suitable for general cargo. As usual in this time, especially in Great Britain, two superstructures were constructed, separated by hatch No. 3. The vessel had 4 cargo holds and 5 hatches. Hold No. 2 extended from hatch No. 2 below the bridge to hatch No. 3. Forward of the engine room was a deep tank for vegetable oils, but alternatively usable for grain cargo or ballast water. The cargo gear consisted of 10 cargo winches, 2 x 10ton SWL derricks and 8 x 5ton SWL derricks (SWL = Safe Working Load). Three spacious double berth cabins were provided for 6 passengers.
The ship was equipped with a 7-cylinder, slow speed crosshead diesel engine, type: 7SD60, built by Sulzer Brothers Ltd, Winterthur, Switzerland. The engine was not turbocharged and had an output of 3'150 BHP at 135 RPM, giving a service speed of about 12 knots. For a detailed description of the engine plant, please refer to the attached report from the "Sulzer Technical Review" No. 2, 1948 (by courtesy of Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd., Winterthur and the kind assistance from Mr. David Brown and Mrs. Andrea Sichler). 
In 1956 the Suisse-Atlantique S.A. transferred the property to the Owner Company Hélica S.A., Genève but kept the management of the ship.
In spring 1957 the Graig Shipping Co. Ltd. from Cardiff (Wales) bought the ship, taking her over in Rotterdam on 9 April 1957 and named her "GRAIGFELEN". The management was transferred to the Idwal Williams & Co. The call sign was then MXMC. On 23 November 1965 the property of the ship went to Glynafon Shipping Co. Ltd. at Cardiff. The management remained however in the hands of Idwal Williams & Co. Official No. 185367.
On 16 February 1966 the Sussex Steamship Corp. in Monrovia bought the ship and registered her under Liberian flag as "IONIC BREEZE". Simultaneously the US-American Ionic Shipping Agency Inc. in New York took over the management. The callsign was changed into 6ZQZ.
In 1967 the ship was sold to Kadmilos Compania Maritima S.A. at Panama and the management transferred to K. & M. Shipbrokers in London. The cargo vessel remained however under Liberian flag. On 19 December 1967 the ship received the name "KADMILOS". In 1970 the management changed to the US-company "C" Ventures Inc. in New York. Official No. 2500.
A further change of hands happened in 1973, as the ship was transferred to the Liberian company Five Trust Shipping S.A. in Monrovia. She was renamed "FIVE CRESCENT". The new management company was the Gulf Shipping Lines Ltd. in London.
On 20 September 1974 the National Steel Corp. in Manila bought the ship for demolition, but however she was renamed "NATIONAL STEEL THREE" for further trading. The call sign was then DVRH. The new owners put the ship on service between the Philippines and Japan transporting scrap iron. Official No. 222661.
In collision with the motor vessel "Stylis" 10.10.1978 at Iligan. "Stylis" was struck by "NATIONAL STEEL THREE" while loading coconut oil at Iligan. Called at Manila for repairs. Trading again in April 1979.
After a longer lying up in Manila the ship was finally sold for scrapping to the Nissho Iwai Co. Ltd. On 5 May 1979 the cargo ship left Manila, towed for her last voyage to Kaohsiung.
Broken up by Nan Long Steel & Iron Co. work commenced on 24.05.1979