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Launched on 16th July 1952 as "NYON" and delivered on 17th. October to Suisse-Atlantique Société de Navigation Maritime S.A., Lausanne., Bâle Call sign HBFC. Length overall 136.39 meters, GRT: 4956, NRT: 2894, DWT: 9540.

1956 sold to Helica S.A., Genève (Management: Suisse-Atlantique Soc. d'Armement Maritime S.A., Lausanne), Bâle.

1956-1958 Management: Suisse Outremer S.A. de Gérance et d'Affretement Maritimes, Genève.

Went aground two miles north west of St. Abb's Head, east coast of Scottland on 15th November 1958 while on a ballast voyage from Leith to Dakar at about 19:06 hours.

The grounding took place unfortunately approximately 1.30 hours after high water. The forward part of the vessel resting on the three main ridges of rock. Water entered into the damaged holds no I, II, and III. Her stern was in deep water. On the 17th. November a contract on Lloyd's open form was signed with "Bureau Wijssmuller", after five days unsuccesfully attempts to free the vessel, it was decided on 20.11.1958 to cut the ship in two, just in front of the engine room bulkhead. Twenty three of the crew of thirty three were send ashore. It was said "half a ship is better than none". The stern half was freed on 27.11.1958 and arrived in tow of "Hector" and "Georg V" savely the River Tyne on 28th of November 1958.
After further strengthening, towed to Bolnes in Holland and Boeles S.W.& M.F., constructed a new forepart, which was joined to the stern part on 8th June 1959. Handed over to her owners in July 1959. The partly new " NYON " got now a length overall of 141.69 meters and a new gross tonnage of 5364 and 10'003 DWT.

The forepart resting on the rocks was destroyed totally in the winter gales a few days later after seperation.

Sank five miles south of Beachy Head in a position 50°32' N 01°30' E on 15th. June 1962 after being in collision in fog with the Indian freigther "Jalazad" (6199/55). The 32 crewmembers abandoned savely the sinking "NYON" which sank within 14 minutes after the collison occurred. She was on a voyage from Antwerpen to Montreal fully loaded with general cargo.